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Scrap Seas is a build-and-destroy, action-roguelike game.  Take your murder-boat into the ocean into the fight against steam-punk pirates, robots, sea monsters, and huge bosses!  The free demo is currently availible on Steam.

  • “Imagine Build-A-Bear, but with murder!” - FallenShogun Gaming

  • “Some of these ships are so cool!”  - Gamer Quest

  • “Pete the Placeholder Duck… I like it” - Eagle Garret


Planet Pushers was commissioned in 2022 to help middle-school students to learn about how seasons and eclipses work by working with a 3D model of the Earth and Sun in the Solar System. It is available to play now on Legends of Learning's website.

  • “Phenomenal teaching of the learning objective  points via game mechanics.” - Client

  • “This is one of the best games that I have encountered to teach students about the movements of the Earth and moon and the phenomena that that movement creates.” - Teacher

  • “This game is insanely creative! It is such a fun game too.” - Teacher



Decal King is the simple and easy solution for Decals in Unity. It allows you to project your own custom materials and textures onto surfaces in your game. Great for environment FX such as burn marks and reactive UI elements. It is extremely well optimized for performance and comes with a long list of perks.  It is compatible with any render pipeline.

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