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Scrap Seas


Fun Freighter Games

Based in Clarksville MD


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Facebook: @FunFreighterGames

Twitter: @FunFreighter

About the Game


Scrap Seas is an Action Rogue-Like.   The game is about building and piloting your ship through a lively comic book world where the ocean has reclaimed the earth. Use your fire power and maneuvering skills to sink ships, robots, and other stuff. Destroy your enemies, and save those you care about. Use your boosters to ram into enemy ships head on or to flee like a coward. Just make sure you don't DIE, because if you DIE you'll die forever, and it's pretty easy to DIE


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About Us

Work on Scrap Seas started a couple years ago as a small side project for Chris Pontius and Calvin Kumagai. The pair met in highschool and reconnected while Calvin was working in Tokyo and Chris was working in New Jersey. When the U.S.’s first Covid-19 lockdown began in 2020 Calvin was in the middle of moving back to the United States. The pandemic threw a wrench into both of their plans, but they decided to make the best of it and throw themselves 100% into development of Scrap Seas. They founded Fun Freighter Games LLC. in 2020 and have been on a game-dev adventure ever since.


Calvin Kumagai - 3D Artist, Illustrator, Front-End Programming

Chris Pontius - Programming Lead, Game Designer

Edwin Dizer - Composer @DizerEdwin


Fun Freighter Games LLC. grants all rights and permissions to use/copy/modify anything on this document for media distribution in all channels and mediums.

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