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Scrap Seas: Mad Max on the Ocean

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Hi Folks! Happy Holidays! I think we can all agree this year has just been an all around dumpster fire!

But at least we still have video games right? We here at Fun Freighter Games have been flying under the radar a little bit because we have been deep in the development trenches. But today we pull our faces out of the mud to share with you some updates about what we've done so far as well as a little bit of pre-alpha footage!

Mad Max on the Ocean

Our one line pitch for Scrap Seas is "Mad Max on the Ocean." Obviously we are no where near finished. We hope to be adding much more content in the future. But we've laid out the foundation that we believe we can build on to create something great.


Scrap Seas will be a rogue-like that will depend on RNG content. Our outline for game loop is Turn Based Strategy>Event Dialogue>Real-time Combat.

Turn Based Strategy

We are fans of games like Fire Emblem and Advanced Wars. The over-world for Scrap Seas hopes to draw on that. In this stage of the game players will navigate their ship around enemy units, in order to get to way points, shops, etc.


We have also probably played more FTL than is healthy for mere mortals. In Scrap Seas, once a player encounters an enemy, enters a shop tile, etc. an event will be triggered. In these events the player will enter a dialogue with another character similar to FTL. Depending on what decisions you make, you're experience in the real-time combat phase of the game will be affected. You may also encounter shops where you will be able to upgrade and customize your ship.


The real-time-combat will be the core of the game. Players should have fun piloting their custom ship through a dynamic ocean setting with dynamically generated weather, land, time of day, etc. Wreak havoc on anyone foolish enough to cross your path! Enemy ships, robots, sea mines, will all be obstacles on your voyage.

The Future

We have working prototypes of all the components of our game-play loop. We plan on bringing you more updates with more detail regarding all of the parts we have planned. In the near future we will be looking for a musician. We will also be looking for people to help test Scrap Seas. If you are interested in helping us with either of those, or just want to be notified of Scrap Sea's development progress and eventual release, please reach out via our mailing list!

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