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Scrap Seas: A Game With Crazy Hover Robots RAWR!

Last week we finished set up for animations for our newest enemy type, that we are currently calling Rig B.

Rig B

You will face a lot of enemy boats in Scrap Seas, but that's definitely not the end of it. Rig B will be one of the more unique enemy types. Rig B will hover above the surface of the water and swiftly position itself to gain the upper hand. Its strong armor found on its wings can be used both to defend itself and attack its enemies. It will be able to charge up its core and release a variety of projectiles. In addition it can rapidly spin its spiked wings and tear into enemy ships with a vicious melee attack. Players will need to carefully maneuver their ship to take down Rig B.

If you would like to see what other crazy robots we come up with follow us and leave a comment!

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