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Scrap Seas: A Rogue-Like That Needs PlayTesters

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

My god, it's been 4 months since our last blog update! Rest assured, we here at Fun Freighter Games have been working hard! and as smart as we can muster. We have produced all the content we planned to create on this 4 month stint. We are now in the process of implementing it. We have also put a great deal of time into optimizing the game.

However, at this point it's been a little less than a year that Chris and I have been developing Scrap Seas, and we think it's well past time that we start collecting player feedback to guide development.

In order to do this we've prioritized setting up a functional play-testing build of the game. This version focuses exclusively on real-time ship combat and buying upgrades for your ship. The game has a lot of weapons and power-ups that we may or may not keep depending on player feedback, so there is a lot of placeholder icons in the mix. Below, I'll put a video showing what a play-through of this game entails.

As we collect player feedback we would like to add more features including, more enemies, improved VFX, and of-course more ships, guns, and power-ups. It is also likely we will experiment with implementing a local co-op mode, so tell your friends!

However, we NEED player feedback in order to make informed development decisions. If you would like to volunteer to be a hero on the front lines of "Scrap Seas" developments. Please send us a message through our website here: and write "Play-tester" in the subject line. We will send out keys as we gradually expand play-testing. We will be testing PC, Mac, and Linux builds.

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