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Scrap Seas: Crazy Battleship Rogue-Like Playtest v2

Hi folks, we have released the 2nd version of our play test build for Scrap Seas. We have ironed out some of the most severe bugs and and added in some more vfx, music management, game-play balance, and movement control features that should hopefully improve the overall game-play experience!

But We Still NEED Feedback!

We NEED player feedback in order to inform our decisions to improve the game. I've made a goal to collect 100+ feedback forms over the next month. So far we have 10. Please sign up for a free steam key by joining our mailing list here: And if you have any friends who you think might like this kind of game, sharing this page would be super helpful.

Dear God Please Send Us Feedback Forms!

When you play the game please send us a feedback form so we can know what you liked, and did not like so we can improve "Scrap Seas." When you die there is a button in the bottom right corner called "Submit Feedback" please click it, and it will take you to our google survey.

If you click on the "Submit Feedback" button you will indeed be a true hero.

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