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Decal King: Our First Unity Store Asset!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Hi all. I hope you all are doing well. Chris and I have been hard at work developing our first package for the Unity Asset Store. We are very pleased to announced that it has launched today!

Decal King

Spray can and graffiti decals in Unity using "Decal King"

Decal King allows you to project simple and easy decal materials onto surfaces in your game. It is very useful for environment fx such as burn marks and reactive UI elements such as that ring in the picture which hugs the surface it's pointed at. It is extremely well optimized for performance and comes with a long list of perks.

Key Features

Compatible with all render pipelines (HDRP, URP, etc.)

Decal mesh works by creating a mesh according to the surface of a collider. So as long as you have a collider and appropriate materials, it should work fine.

Create static decals with no performance impact

Decal King supports stationary decals that generate at the beginning of run time and decals that are generated by an event such as a button press. These stationary decals have almost no performance impact, so you can draw extremely large numbers of decals in-game. These are great for environment fx and things like graffiti tags.

Support for moving decals, perfect for aiming or AOE indicators

Decal king also supports dynamic moving decals. These are great for reactive UI elements such as the red aiming indicator shown in the gif.

Simple user-friendly set-up as well as advanced options available

We have made Decal King's prefabs in a way that should allow most people to easily drag and drop into the scene and get it working right away. We have also include advanced options that should allow for more specialized applications.

Extensive documentation and support

We have included a comprehensive read-me as well as tool tips that should help users with anything they need. We will also be releasing a series of tutorial videos to demonstrate how the asset works. Of course should you have any issues you can feel free to contact us by the support e-mail included in the read-me and we will help you out ASAP.

Ready-Made Assets Included

In order to demonstrate applications for this package we have included 10 decals, a fully working spray paint cant, and an industrial park environment.

picture of decals included with "Decal King"

Thank you

If you are interested in using Decal King in your Unity Project, please check it out on the asset store.

If you are really, cool please leave us a review. It really helps us get noticed on the platform.

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