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Rubber Ducky

Hi Y'all. It's been a while. Chris and I have been extremely busy with our Unity package that we are working on. Hopefully we will be able to share more about that with you tomorrow. Anyways, I have something much more pressing to share with you, and that is this.

It's a Rubber Ducky!

Your welcome! Why did I make a rubber ducky you ask? Well, like many of you I had nothing much to do over the weekend, so I decided it would be a good way to entertain myself. I find nothing brings you out of a bad mood quite like a rubber ducky does. However, upon sharing this with Chris he appeared to think this was a result of my "Quirky Personality."

This is not true! And it has occurred to me that the practice of "Rubber Duck Debugging" is perhaps not common knowledge. This is unacceptable to me, so I will do what I can to spread the word about the practice.

Rubber Duck Debugging

It's a thing. It's on Wikipedia. Look it up! Basically the practice entails explaining the problems you are having with your code out loud to a rubber duck, which you can place on your desk. Sometimes, just the act of exiting your internal monologue and hearing what your problem is out loud can be very helpful in coming to a solution. I don't know why it works so well, but it does. Maybe it's because people are very social animals, so we depend on some kind of outside voice. Maybe we need someone to listen to us, and the rubber duck always does. In these times when many of us are socially isolated "Rubber Duck Debugging" has become more important than ever.

Anyways, the point is it's DEFINITELY not crazy to speak to inanimate objects NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE TELLS YOU,,, and you don't have to get so defensive about it. If you don't have your own rubber duck feel free to steal my rubber duck picture, and remember that people care about you even if they are not there right now.

Unrelated: This is a comedy video with a lot of rubber ducks. Never not funny....

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