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Unity 2019

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I just managed to move back to the United States from Tokyo to embark on my quarantine life. I don't recommend flying now by the way. I went through two different airlines that cancelled their flights and this flight involved me sleeping on the sofa overnight at the Atlanta airport. I now have a burning hatred for both American and Delta airlines.

In the meantime, Chris and I are finally working in more or less the same timezone (although I'm still more or less nocturnal). We are finally starting to finish the move from Unity 2017 to 2019. This has allowed us to take full advantage of Unity's shader graph tools. I'll show a picture below.

Now the boat is being moved via shader code by some forbidden magic that Chris has implemented through the shader graph. It's nice now that me and Chris are in the same time zone. Through our new ability to coordinate, we were able to successfully set-up the junker boat with those sweet sweet fire effects. I think I might have to revisit the smoke stake particle systems, but I think we are pretty happy with where its going.

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